About Matrons and Marches

How the March Matron moniker became an inevitability . . .
Part One: Matron

Practicing parenting skill. My younger sister survived.
Being the oldest of six children, with limited maternal skills . . .
My Mom on her way to a Gay Pride parade
My mom, heading out to the gay pride parade.

along with an inherited outrage at global injustices, corporate bullying, and jaw-dropping stupidity . . .
Fabulous homemade plaid poly slacks 1970s.
Modeling some sweet homemade, plaid, poly slacks.

and a less than fabulous sense of fashion . . .
Fairy princess dancing dress and kitten 1968
Fairy Princess apparel, benevolence, and life skills.
it became apparent that "Fairy Princess", my first choice in feminized destinations of adulthood, was not a viable option.
hugging little sister wearing fairy princess dancing dresses 1970
Semi-improved Familial Skills 
In addition, career pathways of either Supermodel or Olympic Athlete Spokesperson did not appear likely . . .
1970s girl's fashion White turtleneck and homemade plaid Polyester Pants
Catwalk Ready!

so I meandered into matronly employment as a medical social worker and hospice case manager.
No-nonsense, matronly, short haircut.
no-nonsense, getting business done, matronly hair cut
Following years of circumventing heathcare foolishness, political chicanery, home owners association terrorism and eternal family court entanglements . . .
1970s country fair, girls' fashion
Documentation of my early affinity for matronly apparel.
I am firmly entrenched in the ranks of staunch, sturdily-shod, placard-waving, matrons.
Utah Capital protest Grandmother and Granddaughter
My mom, bringing her granddaughter to a protest at the State Capital
Both sturdily shod and getting business done. 

Part Two: March

My oldest kid was born in March . . .
My Beautiful Baby black and white photo
Montana, my oldest.
at a time when I was taking pre-med classes and sitting in stadium type seating with the little fold over half desks that in no way accommodated pregnancy . . . 
My baby daughter 1995 held by her grandfather.
Montana held by her grandfather.

and which necessitated pumping breast milk during the medical school aptitude exam lunch break.
Montana age 10 in pink 2005
My second kid was born a year later, also in March . . .
Beautiful black and white photo toddler looking out the window snow day
Sierra, my middle.

after attending medical school interviews with me, while in utero, and covered by a dark green, poly pantsuit with oversized gold buttons. (It was the 90's.)
Sierra age 9 in pink 2005

My youngest was born four years later, also in March . . .
Beautiful black and white photo. Baby at the window.
Savannah, my youngest.
following a very difficult decision to leave medical school so my girls would see at least one parent during daylight. 
Savannah age 5 in pink 2005
March is obviously a month I have great affection for.
Three pretty sisters in pink. Christmas 2005
Montana, Savannah, Sierra

Part Three: March Matron

1975 first grade Reading in a blue dot dress.
Searching for aptitude options post Fairy Princess disillusionment. 
In an attempt to retain some level of cognitive ability, while expressing righteous indignation . . .
1975 first grade Reading a library book.
Concluding my aptitude fell into the matronly realm. 
I am offering an eclectic collection of illustrated commentary on politics, religion, academics, history and other social constructs.
Utah Capital Protest Sign Matthew 25.
My mom, protesting at the State Capital. 
If nothing else, sending commentary into the online ether prevents me from being arrested while mounting a campaign of protest . . .
Portrait of me and my three daughters.
Photo of my March babies NOT having to visit me in jail.
and alleviates my daughters from having to post my bail. 
Fear, born of that stern matron, responsibility. - William McFee. About Matrons and Marches. The trapped matron waits at home. Don't make me call your mother. About Matrons and Marches. MarchMatron.com
A proponent of matronly wisdom and a combatant of hooligans and foolishness.

More stories about the enthralling life of a matron.

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