Friday, December 13, 2019

A Scumbag Christmas

Thief stole DCs Except for my band's one. Nextdoor App Hilarious Post
Posted on @BestOfNextdoor, the Twitter account with more followers than the actual Twitter account. 
Over the past year, there have been a number of car break-ins in my neighborhood by local, wandering scumbags.
Cops called on home owners bringing items into home. Nextdoor App Hilarious Post
Advice posted on @BestOfNextdoor
The good neighbors on have posted various "identify the scumbag videos" taken from home security cameras.
Nextdoor is great for reassurance not talking to neighbors is the right call Nextdoor App Hilarious Post
The many benefits of
If you are unfamiliar, states it is "a social networking platform for local communities and neighborhoods."
Nextdoor App gives middle aged white women a place to freak out. Nextdoor App Hilarious Post
Accurate assessment of the, as posted on @BestOfNextdoor
Or, more accurately, Twitter for those upset at no longer being a Jr. High Hall Monitor or Home Owner Association board member . . .
Found a german shepherd puppy . . . that's not a german shepherd. Nextdoor App Hilarious Post
Posts involving lost pets dominate in my area
with occasional positive outcomes.
Actual video of scumbag in my neighborhood.
Now the scumbags roaming my neighborhood have started entering homes through the ubiquitous, tract home, sliding back door and videos of them doing so are causing justifiable outrage and concern.
Nextdoor App Christmas Garage Letter Prank and outrage. post from my neighborhood 
While checking for a scumbag update, I ran across a photo of a neighborhood garage. What followed was a lengthy interaction of shock, consternation, and discussion regarding the correct authorities to contact.
Nextdoor App Christmas Decorations repaired. follow up post from my neighborhood 
Today, the homeowner apologetically posted that children in the neighborhood had altered the greeting without her knowledge. (Presumably not the same wandering scumbags responsible for break-ins but an accurate identification was not possible.)  
The neighbor explained that she typically opens the garage to park her car prior to making actual visual contact with the door and therefore she was unaware of the offending message.
Nextdoor App Christmas Decorations as seen at night.
Photographic evidence of Christmas cheer from my neighborhood.
Messages of goodwill and Christmas spirit followed, including several photos of the completed neighborhood home decorations.
Nextdoor App Christmas Decorations, continued self congratulatory greetings.
Continued holiday happiness from my neighborhood
That is, until . . .
Nextdoor App Christmas Music volume debate.
Contention creeping back into my neighborhood

I am waiting for the outrage over "Happy Holidays", the battle cry of the War on Christmas.
Poll No one wants to particpate in a Christmas Cookie Swap Nextdoor App Hilarious Post
Evidently, there will be no Christmas cookie swap
in this neighborhood.
If there are cookie swaps in my area,
I am unaware of them . . . which, in all fairness, is not unexpected. 
With Christmas gifts and an influx of visiting cars . . .

Bodyguard for hire Black Friday Shopping.  Hilarious Post
I'm not sure if Justin in Buford is available this year.
However, an alternative may be found with a search on  
I am anticipating a dramatic increase in scumbag activity.
Please turn off Christmas Light for my cats. Post
Consideration of cat comfort during the Christmas season as posted on @BestOfNextdoor
Happy Mr. Creamy Shits Day Ho

Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year

New Years resolution. Stop acting like a child. Post at it's best. 

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