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Twitler Tweet Roundup 2018

Some of the best Twitter responses of 2018 to the Tweeter and Chief and his cabinet. 
- Agolf Twitler tweeting
Twitler on Reddit
A few months ago, a federal judge ruled that public officials can NOT block individuals from seeing or commenting on government twitter accounts. Bad news for the notoriously thin skinned POTUS. 
Jan 31 @kinablog from a Norwegian newspaper offering to take Trump to a deserted island
Responding to the State of the Union Address: 
Half of the new jobs Trump has created are just federal prosecutors. @TheDweck 
do u guys think it's gonna be Melania who yells "you lie!" tonight @AlyssaMastro44
Jan 2 @ditzkoff I'm ready for 2019 now, thanks. Responding to Nuclear Button tweet 2
Feb 26 @SimonMaloy responding to Trump bragging that he would run into a school if their was a shooter
Responding to Trump's assertion: 
"You know I really believe — you don’t know until you’re tested — but I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon and I think most of the people in this room would’ve done that too."
March 28 @morninggloria responding to Eric Trump jeopardy tweet. What is a cellmate
What is cellmate? @morninggloria
March 20 @KenRoth Trump lunch with Saudi Lack of women
@KenRoth, responding to Trump's lunch with Saudi Royalty
March 20 responding to @KenRoth and lack of women at Saudi Lunch. @khoury_nabeelMarch 20 responding to @KenRoth and lack of women at Saudi Lunch. @khoury_nabeel
Trump, angry at The Washington Post for making him look bad by reporting facts, went after Jeff Bezos, Post owner and Amazon owner. He ordered the U.S. Postmaster to double the rate the Postal Service charges   
April 2 Bezos should buy Twitter and delete Trump Account. @shotgun314159
Sean Hannity reminds you:
Michael Cohen wasn't his lawyer 
But he still expects attorney-client privilege.  
And he has nothing to hide  
But he ordered MC not to reveal him. 
And he defended MC all week 
But now MC's a liar. 
And that's why Hillary Clinton must be stopped. 
April 17 President Easter Egg roll worst hip-hop trio of all time @edsbs
[Giuliani is] basically like the communications director for impeachment. @SaysHummingbird
May 6 @preetbharara responding to Giuliani focused on the law more than the facts
Mike Pence is a crisis actor.  @PreetBharara
May 21 @tweetmommybop The trump voter will burn down his own home
May 21 @Liam1957 Trumpian neighbor slashed my truck tires and left a note.
The entire world is enrolled in Trump University. @ChrisHayes
June 11 @Terrence_CFP Summit with US highchair at the table
June 11 @dispropoganda Kim and Trump summit. Be prepared
Regarding the Democratic Civil War on the 4th . . .  
Has anybody started a sign-up sheet for food? I'll bring a tuna casserole for 36 million. @DearAuntCrabby
July 3 Trump tweet about being a best-selling author. Edited by @MichaelHarriot
July 3 @jk_rowling responding to Trump being a "best-selling author"

- Number of days since Trump last embarrassed America. Twitler Tweet Round Up 2018.

@AlamoOnTheRise keeps a running tally of nationally embarrassing things Trump does every day . . .  
valuable service because it is pretty difficult to keep track
Trump: Day 530  
- 122nd Day at a Trump Golf Club  
- 165th Day at a Trump Property  
- Pressed Aides 2 Invade Venezuela  
- Starting Denaturalization Task Force  
- Made Up Iranian Citizenship Story  
- Cohen Removes Mention of Trump  
- Ross Shorted Stock Shares in 5 Co's
AND . . . 
- @twitler Political Satire T-Shirt Design by HenryGaudet #resistbigly.
Design by HenryGaudet #resistbigly 
Day 272 since the deadliest mass shooting on U.S soil in Las Vegas that killed 58, injured 546 and Congress has taken NO action to prevent future mass shootings. 
Day 485 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. 
Day 633 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office

#Twitter #Trump #Resist #Humor 

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