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Good Neighbor

A few points about weaponizing white fear, social media reprisal, and implicit bias.
A black couple in a white neighborhood. 
Chicago, 1957 by Francis Miller
National Public Radio, which, as far as I know, has not been declared fake news . . .
Always treat your neighbors like someone who lives by you. - Eddie Izzard 
possibly because Trump isn't aware of NPR . . .
I feel more informed already. 

recently discussed implicit bias, unconscious bias, and racist activities in the workplace.

A week after two black men were arrested at a Starbucks store in Philadelphia, the company announced plans to close 8,000 stores across the country on May 29 for an afternoon of racial bias education. 
We see these incidents happen, and they are incredibly disturbing and troubling. And I think some people want to believe that there's some magic bullet, and there is not. - Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
the unofficial Starbucks News and Culture
The take-home gem (via my implicit bias) is workplace training must focus a very simple idea:
Starbucks cup - I'm still going to spell your name horribly wrong
I'm still going to spell your name horribly, horribly wrong. 
If Event A happens then you, as an employee, initiate Response B . . .
and if that is too complex, because to be fair weird stuff does happen, then here is the number you can call for clarification.  
 Starbucks in Saudi Arabia reported that they were forced to ban women after its gender wall collapsed.
Specifications that do not alter parameters of event A include things like gender (because this isn't Saudi Arabia)
Yao Ming 7 ft 6 in, Shaq 7 ft 1 in,
Kevin Hart 5 ft 4 in, Verne Troyer 2 ft 8 in
All OK to be at Starbucks

or height (as long as amusement park rides are not involved) . . . 
or say a middle-aged lady who fractured her ankle 14 months ago and is still using a knee scooter with the turning radius of a bus because the fourth surgery just happened . . . 
hypothetically speaking . . .
Benjamin Cowins at a sit-in protest
McCrory's lunch counter Tallahassee 1961
OR amount of melanin.
Take The Shirts Off Our Backs Protest
Washington Post Headquarters, 
Washington DC, 2002
Things that might alter parameters of event A (depending on the type of establishment and documented service policy) include entry sans shirt, or open carry bazookas, or species other than homo sapiens, or substance-induced impairment.
No Loitering at Starbucks O.C.C.O. 3-4-14 
So two black guys waiting for another man for a business meeting (as long as they are hanging out within the limits allowed of other hanger-outers) is . . . 
just fine.
Valais Blacknose sheep outside a pub

Two inebriated, shirtless, gun-toting, Valais Blacknose sheep hanging out is . . .
in need of further scrutiny.
Graffiti in Long Island City, Court Square subway station. 
As you might imagine, in addition to NPR, a variety of probably not fake news sources have presented the larger points in the Trump era of encouraged expression of racism . . .
Summer Cortts was filmed initiating a confrontation with Colleen Dagg after Cortts berated a Haitian security guard in a racist attack. Crotts pushed Dagg, a woman with a black daughter, and Dragg responded by hitting and cursing at Cortts. The Haitian security guard stopped Dragg from continuing to hit Cortts. Dagg declined to press charges. 
Very vigilante ala Jerry Springer.

including the phenomenon of viral videos and social media retribution.
NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, 
recorded in one of several racist tirades
The racist-rant attorney was identified after a video of him berating two women for speaking Spanish in a restaurant and threatening to call ICE was posted on Twitter. 
Once identified, other video evidence of ranting was posted, the backlash was swift, furious and witty.
Go Fund Me block party with a Mariachi band and free tacos in front of racist Aaron Schlossberg's building.
Go Fund Me account raised $1,094 to hold a block party
complete with a Mariachi band and tacos in front of Schlossberg's building.
His law office, which advertise Spanish speaking specialists, was slammed with negative reviews.
User suggested category: Mexican Restaurant
A disciplinary grievance was filed in the court system by New York officials and the company that leased Schlossberg's office space terminated the agreement. 
Schlossberg issued a bullshit apology, set up new online review options, and now has a handful of semi-positive online reviews.

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