Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Transparent Backpacks of Security

Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. Students are required to use transparent backpacks to prevent carrying weapons
Bored Panda compiled some twitter responses to Parkland, Florida's latest safety measure. Taking a security theater cue from the TSA clear bags of protection, students are required to carry items in transparent backpacks. 
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. This backpack is worth more than my life. Carmen Lo. #NeverAgain
$1.05 is the calculation of donations Rubio has accepted from the NRA divided by the number of students in Florida.
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. Gucci Label Crisis actor #402
Not the worst idea in education, but there is an unintended, non-weaponry result. 
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. Cameron Kasky #NeverAgain photo of his clear backpack with Tampons
Discretely carrying feminine hygiene products has become a challenge and a few students are attempting to show solidarity with potentially embarrassed students.   
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. Cameron Kasky #NeverAgain learns about Tampons
Because the conservative political old guard remains in line with the Old Testament, Red Tent, unclean containment view . . .  
A Texas-Sized Feminine Hygiene Patrol
Arabella Stokes ‏@romancemama 
Dear Texas: Thank you so much for making us look sane.
Sincerely, Florida.
my favorite illustration being when Texas State troopers confiscated all feminine hygiene products at the State Capital, fearing they would be thrown at legislators discussing women's health care. 
Firearms were allowed but in the report it was unclear if irrational and easily upset women experiencing The Curse were allowed to keep their weapons . . . 
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. Tweet by Delaney Tarr re unable to conceal tampons at school
high-schoolers have punctuated the disparity between unassailable gun rights, ensuring school safety with see-through bags incapable of carrying several types of firearms, and the contempt for women's health.
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida. This bag contains everything politicians care about besides money. Tweet by Lex Michael

A petition has been initiated, requiring Congress and White House staff to carry transparent briefcases, which has an additional potential benefit. 
Clear backpacks at Parkland Florida with condoms
Being forced to display various sexual accouterments might cut down on the taxpayer funds required to pay for sexual harassment and assault by elected officials.  

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