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Private Citizen

Twitter response to Pepsi and Kendall Jenner ad. Pepper spray?
When Kendall Jenner and Pepsi teamed up to create one of the most brand-embarrassing, culturally-clueless commercials ever, The Guardian's description of public response was perfect.
"The backlash was swift, furious and witty." 
Tweet JK Rowling about Trump. 1.9.17. I accept your lack of knowledge. marchmatron.com
Swift, furious and witty backlash appears to be the new normal, particularly in response to our current political debacle.
Best counter tweet about Ivanka 2.23.18 Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
While it is expected from comedians and the thoughtful public, 
reactions have certainly escalated,  
Embassy of Sweden Trump is an idiot. 2.19.17. Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
with unusual participants, 
Cory Booker Tweet 2.26.18 response to Trump and Florida school shooting. I accept your lack of knowledge. marchmatron.com
and political professionals, both currently serving and those who are now private sector civilians have taken the gloves off. 

Two prior public servants are particularly adept at Twitter Wars.
Walter Shaub twitter account. Former director of the Office of Government Ethics
Walter Shaub,  former director of the Office of Government Ethics, resigned in July 2017.  
"The White House that has set a tone from the top that ethics doesn’t matter."
Shaub is currently the Senior Director of Ethics at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan organization of election-law experts.
Tweet Walter Shaub 2.21.18 it is sessions with another s. Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
Middle tweet: I ♡ Walt Shaub
Chicago Trump Tower employees turned on lights to say NO. Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
Employees at the Chicago Trump Tower, 
make it clear what they think about a Trump Presidency 
In what universe is this gigantic Trump conflict of interest and potential national security risk even a little bit ok? 
Spoiler alert: None.
18 Feb 2018 @waltshaub 
Tweet Walter Shaub 2.8.18 call to the White House about Rob Porter. Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
FBI call to White House re: Rob Porter.
John Cleese, The Ministry of Silly Walks.  Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
In response to Trump demanding a military parade:  
Perhaps Dear Leader would settle for a brief Ministry of Silly Walks recital in Lafayette Park. 
6 Feb 2018 @waltshaub 
Tweet Walter Shaub 2.10.18 recall is beyond 14 minutes. Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
When the present has less than a 10-minute recall. 
Nunes Memo reads Donald Trump is the most innocent. Also is very smart

House Ethics Committee: "Some people who shall remain anonymous told us Nunes behaved himself. They seem nice, so we're closing the investigation." 
29 Jan 2018 @waltshaub
Tweet Walter Shaub 1.29.18 on Trump. Private Citizen Marchmatron.com
Even the responses to Shaub's tweets are witty. 
Donald Trump, Victoria Silvstedt , 1997 Playmate of the Year and Melania Knauss, at Playboy
"The Faith of Donald Trump," a book just out by David Brody and Scott Lamb, is a very interesting read. Enjoy!
I forget whether Faith was Miss January or Miss February. 
19 Feb 2018 @waltshaub 
Preet Bharara twitter account. former US Attorney South District New York
Preet Bharara, former US Attorney for South District New York.
Bharara speaking to a roomful of financial traders: 
"I just want to apologize in advance that I don’t have enough subpoenas for all of you . . . 
I’m just kidding. I do have enough."
Preet Bharara tweet 3.11.17 I was fired Private Citizen marchmatron.com
Employees fired by Trump: 
Sally Yates 
Preet Bharama 
James Comey 

Employees investigating Trump: 
Sally Yates 
Preet Bharama 
James Comey

09 May 2017 @MaggieJordanACN
Replace Nunes billboard. Private Citizen marchmatron.com 
"I talk to Flynn virtually everyday, if not multiple times a day," @DevinNunes said in December 2016. 
"Seldom there's a day that goes by that I don't talk to Flynn, and especially right after the campaign, directly."

That inspires confidence @DevinNunes 
11 Feb 2018 @PreetBharara‏

Tweet Preet Bharara 7.9.17 vehemently denied it. Private Citizen marchmatron.com
How to be released from an FBI investigation.
A John Kelly kind of bad day listening to Trump threaten to start WWIII by VoteVets.org
John Kelly's only problem was he trusted the @FBI.
Pretty sure that's not the only problem, guys
10 Feb 2018 @PreetBharara‏
Tweet Preet Bharara 4.14.17 citizens working together. Private Citizen marchmatron.com
Those of us following you on Twitter are sure glad to have you as a private citizen.  - Kathryn Rubino

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