Thursday, March 15, 2018

Happy Ides of March

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The Ides of March: March 15th,  the ancient Romans deadline for settling debts. The date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC.
In a mix of epic tales, has the Orange Julius pissed off enough of the world that the 300 have returned and been pressed into service . . .  
as a global back-up plan . . . 
if the Senate refuses to clean house? 

Sadly no. The 300 roamed the streets of London in 2015.  

Shakespeare Julius Caesar
CAESAR: What sayst thou to me now? Speak once again. 
SOOTHSAYER: Beware the ides of March.  
CAESAR: He is a dreamer. Let us leave him. Pass! 

White House Orange Julius
ORANGE JULIUS: I only listen to Hannity or myself. I'm very smart. 
MUELLER: (says nothing while continuing to subpoena witnesses)  
ORANGE JULIUS: Fake news. Everyone says no collusion.  Look ever there. A Playboy model I didn't have an affair with. 

 Shakespeare Julius Caesar 
CAESAR: (to the SOOTHSAYER) The ides of March are come.  
SOOTHSAYER: Ay, Caesar, but not gone. 

White House Orange Julius
Everyone says I'm exonerated. Witch hunt is over.  
I get letters, so many letters, saying I did nothing wrong. Saying I should be President for life. 
Everybody wants that.  
MUELLER: (says nothing while continuing to subpoena witnesses, the investigation is clearly not over)

 Shakespeare Julius Caesar  
(conspiring Senators stab Caeser and Brutis, Ceasar's protege, stabs Ceaser last)  
CAESAR: Et tu, Bruté?—Then fall, Caesar. 
(Ceasar dies) 

White House Orange Julius
ORANGE JULIUS: (after the criminal trial, where "the best people" who are "very loyal to Trump" testify against him)  
And you too Hope, Steve, Anthony, Rex, Reince, Sean, Michael, Jeff, H.R., Scott, Ben, John, Mitch, Paul, Mike, Melania, Jared, Don, Eric . . . and Ivanka!?! 
(Orange Julius is led away in an orange jumpsuit)

#NotMyPresident #Trump #Power


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