Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Random Parenting Yell

Dad and daughter at the beach. My daughter gave me a world's best dad mug so we know she's sarcastic. Parent Random Yell.
I tell my child, if I seem obsessed to always know where you've been, it is because my DNA will be found at the scene.  
Robert Brault‏ @RobertBrault1
The hipster dad is a new dad. Not enough pockets. Parent Random Yell.
I've been carrying an acorn in my pocket for 3 months; I never know when my son might want it back and I want to avoid a meltdown. PARENTING!  
Dad and Buried‏ @DadandBuried
Dad and daughter show off some moves. Youtube jprinder1  Parent Random Yell.
I'm at my parenting best when I randomly yell out "be careful!" every few minutes without looking up from my phone.  
Dad and Buried@DadandBuried

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