Sunday, February 18, 2018

Prosecuting Satan

Jon Lovitz as Mr. Mephistopheles appears in The People's Court. Prosecuting Satan.
If you want to take Satan to court, you can't do it . . .  
at least in the US. 
Go West is a 1925 silent comedy starring and directed by Buster Keaton. Prosecuting Satan.

Devil's Advocate is an actual position created in 1587 by the Catholic Church. Church authorities hold a debate over anyone being considered for sainthood and God's Advocate (also an actual position) presents reasons for canonization. The Devil's Advocate presents reasons why the nominee should not be canonized. 
Poster for Goethe's Faust. Dutch art nouveau. Prosecuting Satan.
Between 1588 to 1978, 330 Saints were canonized. However, under John Paul II, from 1978 to 2005, 483 Saints were canonized. To accommodate the increase, the process was changed and advocacy is presented only when required.
- Home is home, as the Devil said when he found himself in the Court of Session. - English Proverb. Prosecuting Satan.
In 1971, a Pittsburgh inmate, Gerald Mayo filed a lawsuit against Satan and His staff.
Vincent Price. Devil on his shoulder.  Prosecuting Satan.
"Satan has on numerous occasions caused plaintiff misery and unwarranted threats, against the will of plaintiff, that Satan has placed deliberate obstacles in his path and has caused plaintiff's downfall" and had therefore "deprived him of his constitutional rights."
Inkubus. The Photocopier of the Damned. Office photo of a Photocopier toner explosion. Prosecuting Satan.
Mayo further asserted that having no source of income, his cost for serving the Devil with legal notice should be waved.
Lawyers and soldiers are the devil's playmates. - German Proverb. Devil in a businessman. Prosecuting Satan.
U.S. District Court Judge Gerald J. Weber determined that Satan was a foreign prince, who would be able to claim sovereign immunity. He also suggested a class action suit may be appropriate if Mayo could prove he properly represented the interests of all others with a similar claim.
Bus to HEL rout 666. Don't take this bus. Prosecuting Satan.
Ultimately the suit was dismissed when the Court was unable to serve notice to the defendants having no valid address or known deliverable location.
The Kushners purchased 666 Fifth Avenue on Jared’s 26th birthday in 2007 for $1.8 billion. Prosecuting Satan.
If inmate Mayo would have filed his Satanic liability law suit in 2007 . . . 
Jared Kushner and China’s Anbang Insurance Group announced plans to build a skyscraper at Kushner's Manhattan’s 666 Fifth Avenue. Prosecuting Satan.
there would have been a deliverable address.   
Under public pressure, negotiations for development of the Kushner's 666 Fifth Ave property fell through, placing the final plans on hold. The Tower of Sauron, West will be built later. Prosecuting Satan.

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