Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In case it's a bomb

TSA liquid logic: 
TSA liquid logic. A ziplock bag will deactivate any threat. In case it's a bomb. marchmatron.com
Things TSA considers liquids
(and therefore dangerous)
(and therefore limited to less than 3.4oz/100 ml)
Hummus, Peanut Butter, Honey, Jam, Jelly, Maple Syrup, and Salad Dressing.
Clearly labeled as protein powder for TSA approval. In case it's a bomb. marchmatron.com
However sandwiches, with potentially explosive BP and J, are allowed in both carry on bags and checked bags without specified limit.
AskaTSA Cheese graters are permitted in your carry on bag. Seems dangerous.
Parmesan cheese is fine. Brie is not. Havarti or Gruy√®re are evidently up to the discretion of the TSA agent. 
#TSATravelTips Pizza in Philadelphia going through the x-ray. Cleared to fly.

When addressing gravy, ham, and pies, TSA states: 
If an item can be spilled, spread, sprayed, pumped or poured, it cannot go past the checkpoint.  
TSA Cupcakegate. Cupcake seized breaking the liquid rules as icing is considered gel. In case it's a bomb. marchmatron.com
TSA put out a statement addressing Cupcakegate. During the mason jar mania, components of a cupcake were packed into delicious layers and eaten out of the container with a spoon.  
"Icing falls under the “gel” category. Unlike a thin layer of icing that resides on the top of most cupcakes, this cupcake had a thick layer of icing inside a jar. 
In general, cakes and pies are allowed in carry-on luggage . . . but when we can’t be exactly sure of what something is, every officer has the discretion to not allow it on the plane."
TSA at Boston Logan identify a giant lobster in checked baggage. Lobsters are approved for flight.
You can, however, clear TSA with a Live Lobster in either carry on or checked luggage and . . . 
How to grow a Marijuana Bonsai
a Bonsai tree, sent through imaging, is allowed but may not survive multi-state, new and"improved" Dept. of Justice scrutiny. 
The goldfish bra. Evidently approved for TSA carry on. In case it's a bomb. marchmatron.com
Live fish are limited to carry on bags with, what appears to be, implicit approval for liquid greater than 100 ml. 
TSA no liquid or gels permitted beyond this point. Overflow trash with bottles
If you bring too much liquid,  
the TSA confiscates it and throws it away . . . 

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is a joint service military occupational skill within the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force
in case it's a bomb. . . . 
Tokyo metropolitan police responding to an explosion at the Yasukuni shrine
So they throw it away . . . 
The Metropolitan Police bomb disposal squad Kensington Palace
in case it's a bomb . . . 
Heavily armed police swept into Brussels neighborhood as a suspected new plot in France
in the garbage can right next to them . . . 
US Navy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) divers
with all the other possible bombs . . . 
Master Sergeant Alex Pekerman, 27, stands out among them as she is the first female bomb disposal specialist in the Jerusalem Police
in the area with the most amount of people . . .  
TSA hauls away bottles of confiscated fluid
in case it's a bomb.  
- Steve Hofstetter
Dulles Airport  Woman attempting to consume her bottle of Smirnoff in TSA security line

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