Saturday, February 17, 2018

Four Traffic Stops

Four traffic stops . . . 
three authentic (at least to the extent that my Nancy Drew, Internet skills could verify) and one fabricated for purpose of entertainment. 
Taylor, Texas feline altercation during a traffic stop. Four Traffic Stops.

Taylor, Texas  
Nov. 2009 
Officer K. Urban 
The recipient of the traffic ticket offered to assist in the feline altercation. The officer declined help.
Officer M. Folczyk helps a speeding University of Wisconsin knot his tie. Four Traffic Stops.

Menomonie, Wisconsin  
Nov. 2016 
Officer M. Folczyk  
A speeding University of Wisconsin student apologized to the officer and explained that he had to wear a tie for a presentation. He didn't know how to tie the tie and had gone to his friend's home for assistance but his friend wasn't home. The student was given a verbal warning. 
A few days later the police chief invited the driver back to the police station and taught him how to properly knot a tie.
University Of Central Arkansas student Blayk Puckett. Juggles for police when pulled over. Four Traffic Stops.

Conway, Arkansas 
March 2017 
Sargent K. McKay 
University Of Central Arkansas student was pulled over for a broken tail light. When asked if he had been drinking, the student voluntarily demonstrated sober hand-eye coordination.  

Reno, Nevada 
Oct. 2003 
Deputy C. Johnson 
An unusual field sobriety test caught on dash cam. 

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