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Talk Dewey To Me

The Original Sexy Librarian. Vintage photo, male librarian strikes a pose on top of the card catalog. Talk Dewey To Me.
"Librarians are the secret masters of the world. They control information. Don’t ever piss one off." - Spider Robinson
The Library Hotel New York. Talk Dewey To Me.

The Library Hotel, located at Madison Avenue and 41st Street in New York opened in 2000.  A few block away from the New York Public Library, the hotel features a luxurious reading room and a rooftop "writer's den and poetry garden."

The Library Hotel in New York labels the rooms by the Dewy Decimal System. Talk Dewey To Me.
Three years later, the Library Hotel was sued because each of the hotel's ten floors are labeled with the Dewey Decimal System.  
For millennials who don't know what this is . . .
Vintage photo. c.1950s Dad and daughter use a large card catalog at the library. Talk Dewey To Me.
or why libraries used to provide pencils and scraps of paper . . .  
Melville Louis Kossuth "Melvil" Dewey, a frustrated librarian, created a standard classification system in 1874. Before then, libraries indexed and organized items according to local librarian preference. 
Library Dewey Decimal System Marriage to Slavery. Talk Dewey To Me.
The system divides books into ten categories, (Social Sciences, Languages, Math and Science, Technology, the Arts, Literature, History and Geography, General Knowledge, Philosophy, and Religion) each with a corresponding, three-digit number.  
The system further classifies books by topic and sub-topic with additional numbers . . .
The band Dewey Decimal and the Librarians formed in 1963. Talk Dewey To Me.
as illustrated by Level4Outbreak on Know Your Meme
Give me a topic and I’ll try to create a Dewey Decimal Number from it.  
The celebrated electronic music duo Boards of Canada. 
Since Boards of Canada isn’t a group that would have a Biography in the Dewey system, I made up my own number.  
700 = Arts and recreation 
780 = Music 
781-788 = Principles, forms, ensembles, voices, instruments 
781= General principles and musical forms 
781.2-781.8 = Other principles and musical forms 
781.6 = Traditions of music 
781.63-781.69 = Other traditions of music 
781.64 = Western popular music 
781.648 = Electronica 
T1--09048 = In order to designate the time period of 1980-1989, the period that the band started. Someone else might do it differently but this what I thought best. 
T1--092 = Designates Biography.  Those last two numbers get added to 781.648 to get  
781.64809048092 = Electronica--1980-1989--biography as a final Number.
Mock trash novels. He had his library card number memorized. He lied when he said he was better than a book. Talk Dewey to Me.
"A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone." - Jo Godwin
Captain Douglas J Falcon: 
(Responding to Level4freakout)
Shit nobody cares about.  Namely, this.
Mock trash novels. Talk Dewey to Me.
"A library is a place where you learn what teachers were afraid to teach you." –Alan M. Dershowitz
But they cared in the late 1800's. Dewey copyrighted his system, requiring payments from the libraries wishing to use the classification.  
In 1988, the Online Computer Library Center bought the trademark, charging libraries a few hundred dollars a year for use. However, some small libraries and prison libraries, are allowed to use the system without paying.
Vintage Hanes MYSTRECE pantyhose ads featuring nude librarians. Talk Dewey To Me.
You can read about women who are unforgettable, disarming, and not-so-quiet sensation, or, become one by wearing new MYSTRECE. 
Unhappy that Libray Hotel patrons could stay in room Erotic Literature (800.001) or room Love (1100.006), the 2003 lawsuit requested damages of three times the profits the hotel has made since it opened.
The case was eventually settled and the hotel can continue to offer room Law (300.006) and room Money (300.005). 

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