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New Zealand Flag Referendum
Vintage illustration, flags that help the motherland. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Cape Colony. Laser Kiwi.
The New Zealand flag is almost identical to the Australian flag, which has created some confusion and political embarrassment. In 2015 and 2016, New Zealand held flag referendums asking the public for proposed designs. 10,292 suggestions were made.
New Zealand flag referendum comparing suggested flag to the NBA and major league baseball logo. Laser Kiwi.
Was this #nzflag designed by Americans - @DrummyNZ
New Zealand flag suggestion Snapper Quota Unicorn. New Zealanders are very interested in Snapper quota, and what better way to bring it to the people than this country's native bird - the Unihorned Kiwi bird. Laser Kiwi.
Charlotte Drene, from Canterbury

"Snapper Quota Unicorn" 
 'New Zealanders are very interested in Snapper quota, and what better way to bring it to the people than this country's native bird - the Unihorned Kiwi bird.'

New Zealand flag suggestion Fire the Lazar. A kiwi bird fires a laser out of his eye. Laser Kiwi.
James Gray, from Auckland

"Fire the Lazar"

'The laser beam projects a powerful image of New Zealand.'
New Zealand flag suggestion Fush and Chups. The yellow motif represents the golden sun, and the golden chips of this fair land. Laser Kiwi.
Angela Inglis, from Auckland

"Fush and Chups"

'The yellow motif represents the golden sun, and the golden chips of this fair land. It's our British heritage, filling our hearts with pride.'
New Zealand chrstimas card WWI from Maoriland. Laser Kiwi.
The political opposition was critical of the $4 million publicity campaign and ultimately the $26 million spent on the 10-month process.
new zealand flag referendum flag design proposals. Laser Kiwi.
After preliminary campaigns, five final designs were voted on in September 2015. The winning flag was then put up against the current flag. 
Vintage travel poster. New Zealand via Pan American. Laser Kiwi.
In March 2016 New Zealand voted to keep the established banner incorporating the Union Jack and the Southern Cross.

The Union Jack 

The Union Flag is one of the world's oldest national flags... if you overlook the fact it's only meant to be flown at sea, the proportions are wrong and no one can agree on its name. - Jonathan Duffy BBC News Magazine
Vintage illustration c.1820s illustrating how the Union Flag combines The Red Cross of St George, the white saltire of St Andrew and the red saltire of St Patrick. Laser Kiwi.
The Union Flag combines three national flags. The Red Cross of St George for England, the white saltire of St Andrew for Scotland were combined in 1606 and the red saltire of St Patrick for Ireland was added in 1801. 
Victory, flagship of the victorious British fleet commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar on Oct. 21, 1805. The ship is preserved today as a historic relic at Portsmouth, Eng. Laser Kiwi.

The term 'Union Jack' is a reference to the flag of nationality displayed on a ship jackstaff and those purists interested in the Union Flag versus Union Jack debate, which appear to be limited in number, insist that the flag can be referred to as a Union Jack only when flown on a vessel.  
In the 1700's, seamen avoided harbor duties by flying the Union Jack. In response, the flag was limited to Royal ships "upon pain of Our high displeasure" and it is still a criminal offense to fly the Union Jack on an unauthorized boat.
Geri Halliwell Ginger Spice wearing a very short Union Jack dress.Laser Kiwi.
The United States takes its flag very seriously and has an entire code dedicated to the proper treatment of the flag. The UK doesn’t have any of this . . . which I guess explains why no one makes any noise over the availability of Union Jack underwear or seat cushions. - @jonathanwthomas
Prime Minister David Cameron visit to the USA. Honour guard UK flag was upside-down! Laser Kiwi.
U.S. Honour Guard mistakenly flies the Union Flag upside down. 
Aside from maritime display, the current flag "fell into use" rather than being formally adopted and there are limited parameters for use. One expectation is flying the flag right side up. The almost symmetrical design confuses more than half of the country who are unable to identify when the flag is flown correctly.
Illustration of global map highlighting the British Empire. Buy empire goods from home and overseas. Laser Kiwi.
The person who holds the flag determines what is written on it. - Ivan Sukhov 
Considering that at one time, the sun never set on the British Empire, the Union Jack appears around the globe. Five Commonwealth nations incorporate the Union Jack in their flags. Eighteen territories and ten provinces and states display flags with a Union Jack including the state of Hawaii.
Freedom day. Boy with face painted as the new South African flag
However, New Zealand isn't the first country to consider removing the sign of imperialism. Canada adopted the maple leaf in 1965 and South Africa removed the Union Jack in 1994.
William and Kate wedding memorabilia. Tote bag featuring a photo of the happy couple. Laser Kiwi.
The upcoming Royal nuptials, if the last Royal wedding was anything to go by, will involve a huge upswing in the sale and display of items incorporating the Union Jack, some of which will inevitably be upside down and some of which will inevitably be "upon pain of Our high displeasure".

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