Thursday, January 25, 2018

Caesar's Birth Certificate

My favorite part of the bible is where Jesus gives money to the rich and asks for Caesar's Birth Certificate.
Baby Jesus was the last homeless person the Republicans liked.  - Andy Borowitz
The Americanizing of Jesus is most likely bad for America and bad for Jesus. 
Fishermen, Inc. "I Am" Jesus figurines displaying Jesus in modern athletic activities including rock climbing and bull riding. Caesar's Birth Certificate.

"I Am" Jesus figurines were produced by Fishermen, Inc. in 2007. From Evangelist James Croft review:  

Jesus Christ in everyday life is embodied in the launch of nine beautifully molded figurines. 
“We wanted to bring a product to the market that allowed people to bring their own interpretation on the role Christ plays in their lives, either for themselves personally or for others,” said Eric Dyson, president of Fishermen Inc. “We sought to find a respectful approach to depicting Christ in different modern-day likenesses.”
Depending on the size of the figure, retail price for the Fishermen line is either $25.00 or $35.00.
Unfortunately, these appear to be out of production but some figurines are available on Amazon.

Biker Jesus, "I am Freedom" $521.74 
Soccer Jesus "I Am Victory" $396.28 
Surfing Jesus "I am Spirit" $197.89
Jesus action figures. Deluxe miracle action figure with glow in the dark hands. Water to wine,  fishes and loaves. Enduring Freedom Jesus doll with rocket launcher for ages 4 and up. Caesar's Birth Certificate.
Deluxe Miracle Jesus Action Figure, featuring glow in the dark hands and including water-to-wine urns, fishes, and loaves. For sale by a third party seller from Walmart for $103.22
"Enduring Freedom" Jesus Doll w/ Rocket Launcher for ages 4 and up. 12" Lord and Saviour acion figure with desert camo, canteen, belt, knife, light motor rocket launcher includes projectile bombs w/ deployment uranium tips. Let's roll! Plastic.  
As reported by Christian Today:

It's completely unclear whether this is a joke, a playset that genuinely tries to give children a friend in Jesus, or something in between.
Or as reported by me: 
No. Just, no. 

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