Monday, December 18, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. doesn't need my money

Ady Barkan is 33, has a young son, and met Arizona Senator Jeff Flake on a flight.  
"Monday is my 34th birthday. I probably won't have many more."
Ady Barker and his son, protesting the GOP tax grab
Ady posted his conversation with Senator Flake along with a very eloquent explanation of the next steps in wealth reallocation . . .  
Ady Barkan's conversation about the tax bills 
"It's like a parody of the worst piece of legislation imaginable."  
If you want to contact Jeff Flake, this is his email. (I'm sure he is sick of hearing from me.)   
Or if you want to contact your senator, the Trump administration hasn't removed the contact portal yet.  
Senate Portal 
The Trump boys don't need your money.
"We, as Americans, should honor our commitments to each other."  
#BeAHero  #VoteYourValues 

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