Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Semi-Wealthy Protection Detail

Alison Jackson , artist, sculpture, and photographer extraordinaire, has created some AMAZING behind the scene and candid images using celebrities and political look-a-likes.

On July 27th and 28th, a tiny want ad appeared in the local Palm Beach paper. 

Mar-a-Lago, haven of Trump and his chocolate confections, was hiring cooks, service staff, and housekeepers. Recent and verifiable experience in fine dining required and nada on tips and benefits. 

Two options for applying were listed. Either mail in an application, snail not electronic, or fax an application. Except, it was reported by several journalists who attempted to verify the fax, that the number was not functioning, so really only one option. 

Mar-a-Lago has a history of hiring inexpensive, temporary, foreign workers to cover the winter season. To get visas for those workers, the Department of Labor requires proof that there are no red blooded, voting eligible, civil rights demanding, American workers who could be employed.

So in honor of "Made in America Week" and the resurfacing of the most cartoonish and disturbing Trump spokesperson, Stephen Miller . . . 

Fair warning, 
John Oliver uses vocabulary that The President uses, 
so take appropriate evasive action. 

Trump's country club initiated the annual Circumvention of America's Workforce Rights Celebration. 

I have a suggestion. 

There must be a pool of the semi-wealthy, with assets limited to the tens of millions rather than billions, who would like the opportunity to buy administration favors.

Sadly, they can't afford a club membership or the cost of an extended stay at Trump's DC, pay to play, power annex, in no way a conflict of interest, Hotel.  

The semi-wealthy could arrange to either purchase unskilled workers and gift them to Mar-a-Lago or they could volunteer to directly provide services. 

This would create three benefits, and everyone (who counts) wins!

1 - The club could claim they were not hiring foreign workers. 

2 - Trump's payroll cost would decrease. 

3 - The less fortunate, or their paid representative, would have an opportunity to be in the same general area as the Supreme Ruler. What they accomplish with that opportunity is up to them, but apparently, Trump is going to continue to increase the odds of his Mar-a-Logo, not a dump like the White House, attendance. 

One additional solution, if I may. 

The Secret Service can no longer afford residency at Trump Tower.

The General Services Administration has been unable to negotiate the terms of a lease with the Trump Organization and the Secret Service command post has moved outside the tower. 

Ironic considering he is the president with the biggly-biggest need of protection. 

Members of the semi-wealthy pool could attend an Alex Jones survivalist training camp, purchase an enormous quantity of firepower and awesome paramilitary garb, and then chip in on a shared Trump Tower condo lease. 

Protection detail solved!

This plan has FIVE benefits. 


1- Like above, the less fortunates would have fairer access to the Trump proximity, because everyone (who counts) should have the opportunity to pucker up. 

2 - America would be alleviated of some of the ridiculous Trump family protection cost.

3 - Additional Secret Service agents would be available to protect something of actual value.  

4 - The pitiful, picked on NRA would experience both the financial and political benefits of a semi-wealthy protection detail's armament and display. 

5 - Loyalty above legality, maximized Trump Tower lease funds, and obsequious security theater, while appealing to the Trump circus, would ultimately leave the least liked president additional steps away from competent protection.

EVERYONE is a winner . . . 

and all that implies. 

Alison Jackson home page and an interview about her recent Trump project

A behind the scenes look at an overseas Trump prank involving circumventing security.  

The Secret Service secret is they are a little bit shit. - Simon Brodkin

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