Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Brits, Fake News and The Donald

Well look at that. Some news is fake!

A few bits about Trump from the people across the pond at 'Have I Got News For You', a BBC satirical panel show, taking a comedic look at topical subjects. 

Or per Donald re any media not in praise of his being: 
Terrible. Fake news. Just Terrible. 
The enemy of the American people. 

Yes! The BBC, a well known enemy of the American people and source of covfefe. 

I don't think Donald gets satire.

"Hi. I'm American. We are sorry for everything." American comedian Rich Hall on the BBC panel, responding to his introduction.

"Everything Trump says can be underscored by the sound of opening a can of beer." 

Psssttt - Solve the ISIS problem! 
Psssttt - Solve it big league! 
Psssttt - Big league AND strongly!

"His voters, they're actually very progressive. It's bad news for minorities and women and all the other people, but on the plus side they've elected the first openly crazy man. They've finally broken the rubber covered ceiling." 

"Oh cheer up. It may involve nuclear weapons but it will probably be other countries." - UK host explaining why a Trump presidency may not be too bad.

"Did you see his family? We've got four years of comedy gold coming up." Continued explaining why a Trump presidency may not be too bad.

"He curtsied and then put on the award of the Great Flogger of the Temple of Doom." - UK panelist responding to the question of what Trump did when he traveled to Saudi. 

"It is Melania in her favorite outfit . . . future widow to be." - UK co-host describing Melania's apparel while visiting the Pope. 

"If I dress as a woman we look identical." - Patrick Stewart responding to the question, what he has in common with Kellyanne Conway.

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