Monday, June 12, 2017

Nobody has better hair.

Looking for an explanation of the photo montage of Comrade Trump waiting for a bus, after shopping for who knows what . . .

led to translated captions which include: 

Riga to be great again, it is necessary not to Tramps come, but someone else leaves. Bye!

Trump in the rig with a mission impossible, where does corruption begin?

Ur life been in contact with Mr sho. He does not deserve Tramp think blasphemy. sincere people

Makes as much sense as anything else right now. 

Is anyone else at the point where, in an act of temporary self-preservation, you think:

I won't look at the National Progression of our Glorious Leader and Comrade Trump . . . 

and I'll reconcile the loss of civil liberties, health care, financial security, law and order, democracy, and common decency another day.

And then are you are inexplicably drawn to the surreal implosion of our country?

Me either.

We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda. 

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