Thursday, June 22, 2017


This week, the temperature at the Phoenix airport exceeded . . .

wait for it . . .


At temperatures of 120°, airplanes are unable to fly . . .  

because of terms like lower air density, increase lift, and inadequate thrust.

Flights have therefore been canceled. 

While this particular stretch of infernal temperatures may not prove global warming, how fantastic would it be,

if the big names in climate change denial were serendipitously stranded at that the Phoenix airport . . .

on the tarmac 

until the temperature becomes a balmy 100°.

One of my favorite global warming interactions: 

Florida Governor Rick Scott banned his staffers from using the term "Climate Change" and instead, demanded they call rising sea levels "Nuisance Flooding."

Jon Stewart suggested, "Moisture Inconvenience" and "Statewide Jacooz-ification."

A slight flaw in the climate deniers Phoneix airport containment plan, 

the bigger aircraft can still fly . . .

until temperatures reach 126° . . .

so by July . . .

everyone will be stranded.

When the State Street Ballet gets stuck at the Denver International Airport for five hours.

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