Monday, April 10, 2017

Don't Give Me Any Flak

Jared Kushner, Middle East peace broker extraordinaire. 

Evidently, per sources that I am willing to accept as more knowledgeable than myself, appearing in the above ensemble does not instill confidence in the Middle East peace process.

Butt Grabbing Husband, posted on Twitter by Butt Grabbed Spouse

In addition to a myriad of other nebulous duties, Jared "Kush" Kushner, Trump's son-in-law who enjoys butt-grabbing privileges with the favored presidential daughter, has been assign the task of Middle East fixer. 

Found one more photo of Jared Kushner in Iraq @nickpwing

Clearly experience and knowing stuff is overrated . . .  

North West in a bulletproof vest designed by Kanye.

and perhaps the White House Executive Action Figure could have overcome skeptics if only he had a better stylist.

Trump and Kayne, brothers in solving multicultural issues.

From a quick search, there are dapper options for personal protection including Kanye West designs.

President Bush, Mission Accomplished and strategically placed harness straps. 

Ridicule of politicians in military type garb isn't unheard of and flak-jacket-over-suit-coat may be less of a faux pas than originally assumed.

John Kerry wearing an observable flak jacket 
and broadcasting the futility of a chest shot to enemy combatants. 

Disqualifying myself as knowledgeable in Middle East peace brokering, perhaps the look is intentional . . .

Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, looking a bit like a groundhog, but protected against attack.

and the presumptive limitations of a torso shield, in the event of a head shot or explosive detonation, may be unfounded. 

Jared Kushner possibly asking General Dunford how to accessorize when traveling to Iraq.

However, the production of White House approved flak jackets must have a financial benefit to someone . . . 

U.S. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell

someone with nefarious political ties . . .  

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney,
appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee
review of the 1992-1993 defense budget.

someone who has benefited from military contracts . . .

Vice President Dick Cheney and General David Petraeus
someone who will make diplomats look like overgrown frat boys for years to come. 

When you have war at 7 but a croquet game at 8 @HireMeImFunny 

Regardless of financial benefit, this administration is probably safe from upcoming Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

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