Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pseudo-Santa Hipsters

Know what is fantastic about Santa? 

No pressure to maintain sex appeal.

No botox, hair club for men or laser eye surgery. 

No employment of an adolescent, six-pack, cross-training, personal fitness expert slash locally-sources, vegan chef.

No annual Misses Claus replacement with increasing disparity in age.

Fat. Old. Jolly. Fini 

Cue the pseudo-Santa Hipsters.

Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto hired Fashion Santa and pledged a donation for every hashtagged Fashion Santa Selfie.

Mountain Equipment Co-op and the Nick’s Picks campaign.

The Santa at Pioneer Place mall in Portland Oregon sports a man bun, peppermint candy earrings, and a Big Lebowski 

In Sidney, Approved by Hipster Santa tags appeared on merchandise at the Living Mall . . . 

and Santa's indie band played covers of Christmas carols.

Amusing, appealing and social media ready. 

However, lest we forget the true meaning of Christmas . . . 

This year, the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto, 

unable to secure the employment of mid 50's, self proclaimed Fashion Santa, Paul Mason, 

hired Fashion Santa’s Newest Face 

Adam Martin, a mid 30's, self proclaimed, experienced and bearded model.

Intellectual property, threatened legislation and a twitter war . . . 

Doesn't get more celebratory than that.

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