Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Debate

. . . and don't look at me like, "What debate?" 

The debate where most cognitively able Americans calculated the feasibility of traveling to another country to have an anchor baby . . . 

before a containment wall can be erected around the continental US . . . 

by a global coalition, in an effort to isolate the Wall-mart Yankee Menace.  (See what I did there? Wall . . . )

In a survey conducted in July, more than 1 in 10 voters say they'd prefer a giant meteor hitting earth over supporting either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. 

43 percent of those polled picked Clinton to lead the Wall-mart Yankee Menace, 38 percent picked Trump to lead the Wall-mart Yankee Menace,

13 percent picked the giant meteor hitting earth and another 7 percent were unsure.

What I would like to know is . . . 

can a presidential candidate continue to run if they are incarcerated for, oh I don't know . . . 

making illegal campaign contributions, receiving illegal campaign contributions, fraud, perjury, insider trading, misuse of a charitable foundation, violation of the Cuban embargo, 

failing to secure classified information through gross negligence, breach of contract, intimidation of witnesses, hiring undocumented workers, antitrust violations, 

inciting violence, misuse of government property, plagiarism, offering political favors in exchange for endorsement, defamation, 

obstruction of justice, obtaining an illegal advance on an inheritance, destruction of property, sexual harassment, tax evasion,  real estate fraud, failure to fulfill a contract, 

lapsed aircraft registration and erection of a flagpole exceeding ordinance parameters. 

Well they appear to have been very, very busy. 

So will it be Tangerine Nero . . . 

The House of Borgia in pantsuits . . . 

or a giant meteor?

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