Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Nephew and His Aunt

* I would rather be the crazy aunt than the unfit mother. Auntie Mame. A Nephew and His Aunt
I have an awesome friend who has a nephew that she is very fond of.
* I like to buy books for the kids in my family. I guess that’s why they all call me the “mean” Aunt. Dana Spiotta. A Nephew and His Aunt
"My goal has always been just to be there." - Aunt Jean

* Marion was right … never marry a musician or answer the door. Charles M Schulz. A Nephew and His Aunt
As these things usually go, being willing to hug your aunt goodbye becomes increasingly unacceptable . . . 
* Even my aunt Joan, hopelessly sentimental about every member of our family, admitted that I was hideous. Sister Parish. A Nephew and His Aunt
particularly when peers are in visual range. 
* My Aunt Minnie would always be punctual. Billy Wilder A Nephew and His Aunt.

After watching Finding Nemo, her nephew agreed to farewell noggin' bumps. 
* A Nephew and His Aunt
13 years later, he occasionally responds to a text with a selfie of his noggin'. 
* The best aunts aren't substitute parents, they're co-conspirators. Daryl Gregory. A Nephew and His Aunt
Good job nephew! 

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Update 5/12/2018

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