Monday, June 13, 2016

Ready For Something Happy

People are ready for something happy. 

Autism is a super lonely condition, not just for the person who has it but for their family. 

I would love to flood her mailbox with birthday cards, from all over! 
If there is anyone who deserves a great birthday, this is the girl. 
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Hallee's 19th Birthday is in July
Hallee Sorenson
34 Wellesley Way
Bangor, ME 04401

Please help us make this birthday memorable.
Thank you,
Becky ❤

Many people are asking about sending gifts. This is incredibly sweet of all of you and my family is very appreciative. That being said, gifts truly aren't necessary. A nice card would be just fine!!! Thank you so much.

Me and My Mom

With the recent celebration of Mother's Day, or as my nephew calls it . . . 

My Sister and Her Kid

Happy having unprotected sex day!

My sister sent a thanks to our mom . . . 

My Mom and My Youngest Sister

Thanks for teaching me to be nice to the weird kid . . . 

My youngest sister with a kick-ass pompadour. 

and for never letting me know I was the weird kid.

The Six of Us

I think my siblings (and there are many of us) would readily agree that our family had a socially awkward vibe, some of us more than others . . . 

  I have no recollection of this event 
the finger firmly pointed in my direction . . . 

My Mom
and my mom was very determined that different kids (her's as well as anyone's) should be included and went to great lengths to promote kids having a social foundation.

One way she tried to foster friendships was to have our birthday parties include our entire class at school. 

My sister and me at one of many birthday parties where my mom did some awesome party planning.  
Her socially awkward kid had enough invitees, ensuring that some kids would show and socially awkward classmates had an option to attend. 

Note the awesome blue elephant outfit . . . 
Ironically, I don't like parties. 

with matching pants! 

I didn't like going to parties because I was afraid I would be unsuccessful in party navigation and I hated having parties because I was sure no one would have a good time.  

My Mom and My Kid
My very sweet daughter, who at an early age correctly determined her social skills extended well beyond mine, recently assured me that she loved me despite me social deficiencies.  

Today a friend sent me a quote:

. . . and one more birthday card is on the way to Hallee. SaveSaveSaveSave

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