Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Elect This Kid!

You have to make it to the end of the post to see this magnificent, terrific, and quite frankly, fantastic kid. 

Imagine my embarrassment to find I have missed Donald Trump's birthday! In my defense, I was assuming it would be a Bank holiday or something.

Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery . . . and often the pandering 
pathway to humor, a few very funny Trump impressions and birthday tweets: 

Trump turns 70 today, which explains a lot. His whole campaign basically boils down to "Get off my lawn." @B_Hay Donald 

I refuse to believe Donald Trump's birthday until I see a long-form "Not A Sentient Fungus" certificate. @JohnnyMcNulty 

Trump turns 70 years old today, officially making him the oldest baby in the US. @LyinTrump 

That's 490 in racist-asshole years. #trumpbirthday Steven Good

On this day in 1946 @realDonaldTrump was born, and he's happily lived there ever since @MattOswaltVA

Trump turns 70 years old today, which means he still has time for two or three more divorces. #trumpbirthday Jun C 

It's fitting that his age is now the same as his unfavorability rating. #trumpbirthday Nick Jack Pappa 

Trump turns 70 years old today, also of note, U.S. male life expectancy is currently at 79. But who's counting!? #trumpbirthday Rich Feldman

To prevent future birthday oversight, during Donald's first ruling year, I'm sure we will all celebrate "Dear Leader Day" together.   

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