Saturday, May 28, 2016

When Allowed Vote

Being part of the Arizona voting constituency . . .

WHEN Arizona is allowed to vote . . . 

Because who could have known opening a little more than 1/4 of the polling places for the Arizona primary would lead to ridiculously long lines and a voting cut off before a substantial portion of voters were allowed to vote? 

The best quote from the subsequent public hearings . . .

"We stood in line long enough to order pizza . . .

TWICE before we went home." 

Maricopa county recorder Helen Purcell, who unfortunately has the decisional capacity to determine polling locations, was interviewed:

Interviewer: Who is to blame? 

Purcell: Well the voters for getting in line. I think we have seen the heights of the candidates coming here and we haven't seen that in the past. They stirred things up. 

Interviewer: How could this be prevented?

Purcell: I have no idea. 

Interviewer: Is this going to be a failure of your office? 

Purcell: I don't think so. When you get people out to vote? Is that a failure? 

YES you incompetent bureaucrat, when 1/3 of the people who tried to vote don't get to vote, then YES, I'm going to call that a failure. 

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