Monday, April 18, 2016


In the unlikely event that you went through Junior High without learning about pantsing, 

congratulations on maneuvering through our national institutionalized process of ego-destruction without fear of having your undergarments exposed. . .  

and Second, 
the Internet, as only the Internet can, has increased my foundation of worthless information . . . 

which I will pass on, hopefully increasing our overall foundation of worthless information. 

Pantsing is the pulling down of a person's trousers and/or underwear mostly against their wishes.

The most common method is to sneak up behind the intended victim, grab the trousers at the waist, and apply a quick downward tug before the victim is aware of the assailant's presence.

Key factors from this section being MOSTLY against their wishes and the provision of step by step instructions if seeking to pants someone without previous familiarity of the act. 

I have no doubt that involuntary exposure of others' nether regions has an extensive history but the Internet targets the "debagging" origin to the mid 1920's dress code at Oxford University. 

Undergrads were no longer able to wear knickers to lectures. 

For some unspecified reason, the knee length trousers were favored by the students and Oxford Bags were designed to quickly pull over knickers as lecture schedules demanded. 

Finding images of the attire, I can see the appeal of debagging the Bags.

The Anglicized tradition corresponds to Australian "dakking". DAKS, a generic term for trousers and underpants, is a reference to DAKS Simpson, a luxury fashion brand in Britain. The New Zealand term is my favorite, calling the act a "Down Trou."  

However, my point is this, to pants someone in my Junior High took effort. Both genders rocked the tight fit, high-waisted mom jeans and entry required planning. 

It was not uncommon to close a zipper by laying down, having a friend smash the sides of your hips together while hooking a wire hanger through the zipper tag and using the increased leverage to close your fly. 

Being at an age beyond awareness of current trouser design, I had to ask the Google.

Evidently, there is a continuum of tightness of fit and height of the waist. Sagging is on the decline, with a bit of irony being the country that invented Oxford Bags, is now experience the US Sag. 

In 2016, 35% of teen boys (13-18) in the UK say they sag their pants. 

This post originated as a very simple comment on reversing pantsing: 

Find a sag and counter with a "debagging" tug upwards instead of down.

But no . . . 

Like an idiot, I searched for pranks on the maker of world wide fame, Youtube. One clip, with 9,775,846 views and  121,464 likes for three minutes of a kid getting smacked upside the head after attempting to remove strangers' pants.  

I gave up completely after coming across staged clips of a fifty-something woman pulling down the shorts of a twenty-something guy while she yelled at him for being "a poofter" and having a little dick.

Admitting defeat, I'm concluding with the comments of others.   

Hope you enjoyed us getting humiliated in public by a grown woman! First one to guess how old she is wins a Skype call . . . that was awesome 

How stupid is America?

I live in Dubai, and here if you did this you would be arrested.

Now, imagine if this was an elderly man pulling up/down a woman's skirt in front of a group of guys. Things would've turned out differently.

we call that "kegging" where we live, and it may be immature, but it is funny when its not you it happens to

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