Friday, April 15, 2016

Less Hideous

In a remarkable testament to her relationship, my sister, with an adoration for all things inside, is being enticed to non-carpeted, wind exposed, dirt-covered areas.  

Sister's Husband: I'm trying to get her outdoors more! We found a place that has tents hanging from trees and she wants to stay in one of those!!

Sister: I did have to walk up a hill and down a hill and then do the same thing on the way back. He almost had to carry me. He was also sure I was going to fall over the cliff. And he probably wasn't wrong had I been left unsupervised.

Me: You are aware that you are outside right? 

Sister's Husband: Shhhhhhhhhh she might not realize that she is outside yet! 

Sister: WHAT?! 

Me: Ummm . . . I mean Donald Trump made a special inside with a sun and dirt and everything.

Sister: That's what I thought. 

My sister also sent out a spousal birthday thanks:

You are the best person I know and I am a much less hideous individual because of you. 

An insightful identification of a relationship fundamental AND I can verify that she is less hideous. 

Has anyone ever really been a happy camper? When ever we use that term were being sarcastic. He is not a happy camper. Why don't we just call him a camper?
- Jim Gaffigan

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