Friday, January 8, 2016

Pallet Backlash

I have an overwhelming and ludicrous drive to be productive . . . 

BUT only productive in some semi-artistic, crafty manner . . . 

NOT in something beneficial like a financially profitable or socially responsible manner . . . 

and for some reason I can only initiate a project after midnight. 

I blame the maternal contributions to my genes which, while leading to some creative and fantastic outcomes has also led to many nights in an OCD stupor.   

One of the worst home decisions made was locating my mom's sewing area with a wall shared by the master bedroom

11 pm is prime time for initiating a project regardless of the non nocturnal home occupants.

I'm faced with a sad realization.

DIY trends of refurbishing and reconstructing castoffs has led to piles of mid-project corpses scattered throughout my garage, yard and house. 

I think I'm defining "project completion" in the wrong way. 

Problem solved! 

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