Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When I Grow Up

My sister recently fell and broke her leg. Generally speaking, breaking a leg is not convenient for anyone at anytime but for my sister it is extremely inconvenient and particularly at this time. 

She has four boys, an adopted daughter, a job, a family business, various church assignments and she is one of those cheerful neighbors who not only knows the names of people who live around her but actually participates in and is the initiator of neighborly activities.

Eleven years ago, she started a charity for kids through the public school system . . . 

because what else would she do with that leisure time from one two three in the morning? 

Contrast to the hypothetical situation if I were to break a limb. Lets just say, after a lifestyle review, sitting is a predominant activity as is not interacting with people as well as not starting a tax-free, charitable organization.

A bit of how it works:

Dear Family and Friends,

For the 11th year, the Winter Foundation will provide warm winter clothing and simple toys to the neediest Davis County children. Last year we provided Christmas for 203 children, all referred by 10 Davis County schools as students in serious need of winter clothing. 

"Matt" is a 3rd grader who's father recently committed suicide. His mother lives on disability income. The Winter Foundation has already been asked to provide Christmas for him this year. The foundation works with these main principles.

* All labor and time is donated. Our non-profit foundation has no paid employees. We do not reimburse any volunteers for any expenses.

* The majority of the items are purchased on clearance. We shop during the off season to maximize our resources. The items are stored in my basement so there is no storage cost.

* We provide basic needs and a simple, but nice Christmas. We do not give expensive toys (no ipods, gameboys, etc). We give each child a new coat, boots, gloves, shoes, pants, 2 shirts, socks and underwear as needed and a few toys.

* We invite the children to a Christmas party. The children are invited to a pizza party (pizza is donated by my mom). At the party, the kids get to pick out 2 new books (donated by my sister).

Thank you for your generosity and support.

To circumvent my tendency towards verbose descriptions, here is a short clip of three of my sisters pre Christmas chaos.

I know!      
A recent post on the foundation Facebook page: 
I want to be Jamie when I grow up.

I’m just happy knowing there is a Jamie.

If you are interested in donating, she shops clearance year round. You don’t have to wait until next December. The Winter Foundation

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