Monday, November 16, 2015

The Atheist’s Nightmare

Fair Warning . . . 

Photo of Megachurch. Caption - Church not depicted in the above image by DIY despair. The Atheist's Nightmare.
by watching this bit of genius "debate", you may convert to some evangelistic mega church and feel compelled to donate large amounts of cash to your local megachurch.

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron explain how the Banana proves God's existence . . . Stunning! Absolutely stunning! 

Some of my favorite responses: 
Photo of Superior Grocers sign, ad for Pineapples in a pile of Bananas. Fail. The Atheist Nightmare.
So what about a pineapple?This isn't your average everyday stupid, this is advanced stupid.
Photo of amazing banana-art. Michelangelo the creation of man. The Atheist Nightmare. How a banana is proof of God. Not.
I'm assuming he's never done a small bit of research on bananas? If he did, he'd know that modern bananas are due to artificial mutation and selection, and the original bananas were nothing like this.
Creationists aren't really big on that whole research and critical thinking nonsense.
Photo of a double Banana. Where is your god now? The Atheist Nightmare with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. An attempt to prove God by discussing genetic engineered fruit.

Quietly sings:
This shit is bananas!
Kirk Cameron meme, Because . . . Bananas. Ridiculous video of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort claiming bananas, a genetically engineered fruit is proof of God. The Atheist Nightmare.

Yes indeed . . . B.A.N.A.N.A.S

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Updated 8/20/2017


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