Monday, November 23, 2015

Ex-Mormons, Battlefield Buddies and Scrying

Mormons have been struggling a bit lately. 

I was 18 and they wanted me to serve a mission. I compare it to this, there is a difference being eating McDonald’s hamburgers and having to sell them. I was content to take in Mormonism but I wasn’t sure I wanted to create new Mormons. - Walter Kirn

While Mormons remain a fractional portion of the population at large, there has undoubtedly been more focus on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints recently.

Some genius PR moves correlating to the musical (you know which one) and then a production of presenting Mitt as "normal" . . . 

Perhaps not as successful as it could have been and even post campaign, 2% of adult voting Americans, believed his first name is Mittens . . .

Which I think is a fantastic moniker if anyone is looking.

Lately, there has been a more, shall we say, embarrassing focus . . .

(Mormonism) was an improv religion. - Walter Kirn

Seer Stones
Reformed Egyptian
The Kindehook Plates
uncanny Masonic similarities
The Meadow Mountain Massacre
White and Delightsome and Dark and Loathsome
feverishly buying derogatory documents including The White Salamander letters
the actual translation of the "Book of Abraham" papyrus
Missionary work on the moon and the sun
The Martin Handcart Company
the true location of Eden
teen suicides
the eternal keystone of progression resting on sexual perversity. . . 

Alright, I'll save it for later. 

However, I'll pass on an update on "Little Factories" which has morphed into a strategic military action. 

Walter Kirn: Mormons in their earliest form were practically Communists. 
Bill Marher: And polygamists. 
Walter Kirn: Yeah, polygamists. That's Communism with sex. 

A final thought . . . 

Bill Marher: I know Mormons don't like it when you leave the church.
Walter Kirn: Well, no. They don't consider you ever to have left. They think you're just having a party and they keep knocking at the door, making sure you are OK. 

Evidently you can leave the church . . . 

but the church doesn't leave you . . . 

unless your parents are queers. 

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