Sunday, October 4, 2015

Post Apocalyptic Ghostly Apparition

I have two big dog crates in my room, one for each of my Berners. 

Odin usually forgoes the crate altogether and ends up spread out on the tile in the bathroom. 

Oscar is very attached to his crate and will bump the door closed with his nose before he exits the room. 

Odin hasn't mastered pawing the door back open so Oscar effectively keeps him out of his space. 

A minor irony, the Adopt-A-Chihuahua can squeeze through a gap in the back of the crate and access Oscar's space at will. This does not appear to distress Oscar. 

At night, Oscar sleeps in his crate, nose and front paws extending beyond the open door. 

Lately, around 3 am, after I finally go to sleep . . . 

and if you have ever counted and re-counted the potential hours for sleep before you have to get up for work, you know how pleasant that is . . . 

something wakes me up and Oscar will be sitting up in corner of his crate staring at me. Just sitting and staring. 

Dude, the door is open. If you want something come on out and get it. 

If you are worried that I'm dead, walk over here and nudge me. 

If, however, you are staring beyond me at whatever ghostly apparition is floating on the other side of the bed, STOP IT. 

You are creeping me out and I'm already functioning with the ability of a post apocalyptic zombie. 

Unless I'm in immediate danger or you can propose a solution, just stop! 

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