Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Bit of Smiting?

What's the difference between a surgeon and God? 

Question too easy? 

How about the difference between my favorite billionaire oil magnate tycoon brothers and God? 

Or the difference between any number of historical tyrants claiming to be a living god and God?

I think there is a misconception . . . 

I mean apart from the entire debate about deity existence and divine intervention. 

A truer representation of the relationship dynamics, as defined by the gowned and masked dictator of the operating room, would involve Jesus, doing Jesus type stuff, with guidance going to him and not from him. 

(I mean it is pretty clear that Jesus didn't complete 4 years of medical school, additional years in residency and a prestigious fellowship. . .  or that a he is even aware of insurance reimbursement rates.)  

However, in terms of health care hubris, I'm calling out the CEOs of the pharmaceutical industry. 

Evidently they have convinced Jesus to vote republican and determined that refusing to supply affordable health care aligns within the parameters of Christianity. 

(I haven't read any scriptures recently but I don't recall the part where Jesus says to blame poor people for not choosing to pay an insurance policy premium instead of buying groceries . . . or the part where he says the best possible health care system is the one that potentially bankrupts the middle class after a single serious accident or illness 

AND as a reminder, if you say the issue is with Obama care, I will go all-out, bitch-slapping crazy and you will have to hope your Jesus provides some cover while you make an escape.) 

Want an example? 

Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the patent to a medication that treats parasites commonly found in people with compromise immune systems. 

At a manufacturing cost of a dollar a dose, the drug is relatively inexpensive to produce. 

Pondering "What Would Jesus Do?" the CEO concluded that Jesus would raise the medication cost from $13.50 a dose to $750 a dose. 

For those of us who are not lucky enough to communicate directly with a deity, the CEO explained the morality of the decision. 

"We needed to turn a profit on this drug." "These days, modern pharmaceuticals, cancer drugs can cost $100,000 or more." He concludes that the drug is still under priced.

How do I know Jesus was involve? 

Because the lack of regulation is secondary to 
Congressional decision and . . . 

for the most part, our elected officials are vocal about their belief in Christianity with a subsection reporting an open line of communication with the big guy upstairs . . . 

ergo adjustments in decisions based on interpreting God's will. 

The Jesus misconception appears to be the external query of "What Would Jesus Do?" while the internal query is "Who Would Corporations Exterminate To Increase Revenue?" 

So what's the difference between a surgeon or the billionaire oil magnate tycoon brothers or any number of historical tyrants claiming to be a living god and God?

God is aware that he is not a surgeon or the billionaire oil magnate tycoon brothers or any number of historical tyrants claiming to be a living god.

Jesus, if you listening, I'm thinking a bit of smiting would not be out of order.

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