Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kids, Limits and Heroes

I hate to admit that when I was younger, I had a not-so-charitable view of life. Like a majority of religious conservatives, I believed events and circumstances happened for some inconceivable but divine reason. 

I was also convinced American health care was vastly superior and as an industry was motivated by improving health.

I was a bit naïve or really stupid. You pick the term.

Consequently I love stories where people see a need, take the initiative and solve problems. 

Three stories about kids, limits and heroes.

First Hero:

Robyn started making superhero capes for the little kids in her family. She also followed a blog about a little girl who had an unusual skin disease and she decided to send her and her brothers superhero capes. 

It was a hit and Robyn quit her job to start TinySuperheroes. 

TinySuperheroes is a tiny cape company with a SUPER BIG mission to empower Extraordinary kids who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome illness or disability. 

When you buy a cape for a special kid in your life, we'll donate a second cape to a kid with TinySuperhero powers!  

See more at Tiny Superheroes

Second Hero:

Kylie, a fifth grade girl who had survived a rare childhood cancer, was given a school assignment to create something to solve an everyday problem. 

She worked with her parents and health care providers to make a portable IV system. The backpack uses a protection structure for the IV bag so it won't puncture and includes controls to set flow rate. 

She spent last year working on a patent and raising money for production.

"When I had chemo, I had to pull around the big IV pack, so I came up with this backpack." "I would have loved this thing for myself."

See more at Courage by Kylie

Third Hero:

You may have seen a bit of this eight year old triathlon competitor, but you have watch the interview. He also has some great advise. 

Watch the interview at BBC

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