Friday, September 25, 2015

A Guarantee of Compensation

My knowledge of foreign travel is, for all practical purposes, none.   

However, I have heard of K&R (Kidnapping and Ransom) insurance policies, probably from some dramatized event staring Russell Crowe and the demise of Meg Ryan's marriage. 

Well unbeknown to me, there is another closer to 
home abduction danger. 

The first widely publicized alien abduction story came from a rural New Hampshire couple in 1961.  

I don't think it is surprising that proportionally more Americans report they have been abducted by UFOs with 2% of people from California swearing to have been involuntary taken by extraterrestrials. 

The St. Lawrence Insurance Agency in Florida was the first to offer alien abduction insurance. 

The policy pays the claimant, secondary to proof of abduction, $1 per year until their death or for 1 million years whichever comes first. Over 20,000 people purchased a policy.

During 1994, 35,000 Americans insured themselves against alien abduction.  

Prominent policyholders included Shirley Maclaine and a Harvard University professor who researched extraterrestrial reports. 

If you feel you need current protection, Geico is one company with UFO policy choices.

Policy payouts vary from $10,000 to $10 million with an additional policy option (offered to both men and women) for being impregnated by aliens. 

One supplemental policy pays $20 million if the policyholder's beneficiary can prove the policyholder was eaten by aliens.

Policy or no, staying away from Area 51 is probably prudent. 

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