Thursday, August 6, 2015

121 boxes

My middle kid is here for summer break from college  and it is fan-freaking-tastic. 

She is hilarious, knows interesting stuff, and she has a valid driver's license! As I lose my will to function as an adult, having an alternate driver to retrieve food is very useful. 

In my adult life, the average time I've spent at any one location is 2 years. Consequently my will to unpack was extinguished a long time ago and I still have an abundance of boxes, 121 to be exact, sitting idly in various location. My kid, being fiscally responsible, planned to get a summer job. I planned to pay someone to tackle the containment of 25 years of crafts and collecting. A perfect match!

Frankly the only reason my kitchen is unpacked and functional is my middle kid tackled that chore when I moved. 

This time around, she started with a written inventory (which is how I know the number of boxes) and evidently most of them contain collections of old stuff.

I went on a binge for a few years making binders and cards and other stuff. 

I have boxes of records, old dishes and a mountain of vintage books. 

I collected bird's nests from every state I've lived in, intending on doing something with them at sometime. Of course, the idea to display them in jars came up after I gave away boxes of glassware. 

Having worked with plenty of people who need to downsize 75 years worth of stuff, I appreciate the dynamics of parting with valueless items. 

No honey you don't need a collection of Beanie Babies and I know the circa 1970's vacuum is almost new but you aren't going to back the money you put into it. 

I also really want to join the tiny house movement and I certainly can't do that was 6 boxes of mismatched china. 

But, inventory in hand, I am mid pause mirroring the geriatric set. Just another depressing step towards my demise. 

Unless I find a way to craft in the afterlife, my valueless purchases will go the way of all valueless purchases post owner demise. Then someone else can make a thrift store discovery.  

It's the circle of life!

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