Monday, July 27, 2015

An Overuse of Comic Sans

While perusing my older posts, I've noticed an overuse of Comic Sans font. 

Granted, it could be argued that any use is overuse. However, I'm from the generation that when first discovering the ten unique fonts pre-loaded on Microsoft Word, was compelled to use all of them in every document. 

I've also noticed that I am unable to adequately proofread. I find this distressing because there was a time when I was grammatically proficient or possibly just delusional. 

I assume the decline is due to my synapses becoming oatmeal. A cheery thought. 

A final point of online distress is the Urban Dictionary's definition of Blogerisms. 

A meandering, blatantly uninteresting online diary that gives the author the illusion that people are interested in their stupid, pathetic life. 

So my 2346 posts in 1490 days are not an engrossing read?

The Internet trend from the beginning of the 21st century of making a blog out of everything. 

Blog Boom
The phenomenon that happened once everyone started blogging (ca. 2003-present).

Great. I'm just under 10 years late to start a Blog? I guess I can wait a few more years before I start Tweeting. 

Websites that take content from popular blogs, and repost it with advertising to increase revenue. 


Posts by bloggers, who have received cash, gifts or other incentives from companies they write about.

This does not happen to me.

A blogger who goes to events, especially press conferences, just for the sake of freebies.

A form of welfare paid by the government to people who do nothing but blog. 

This also does not apply to me, but I wish it did. 

A cohesive posting to a blog site of exactly 100 words. 

When page views are exponentially beyond what was expected. 

Occasionally I get a bonanza of page views but the traffic sources are usually Russian. I think it is weird and possibly a form of NSA entrapment. 

Monopolizing a more popular blog by posting endless links back to a less popular blog.

Total online meltdown.

I've had more than my share of blog meltdowns but I think they've prevented real world meltdown and possible assault charges. 


Fired for something you write in your blog, pertaining to both your personal life and/or your job itself.

To find another person with the same name has stolen the URL of your name or your blog.

Ah, this is not one of my problems. By picking a ridiculous name, I was guaranteed a URL and also guaranteed that the casual viewer would have no idea what my blog is about. Good thinking on my part.

Blog Brad Pitt:
A person that is themselves very ugly, but chooses to point out any and all flaws in other people.

Blog Brain:

When an blogger has too many ideas and feels overwhelmed.

Well if politicians, the judicial system, religious nuts, the health care system, and the state I am currently living in stopped being ridiculous, I wouldn't have to outline so many topics. 

The spin-off from a successful blog


A reclusive person who interacts outside their habitat by rambling through blogs.

Oh, I am so very familiar with this concept. Considering the numbers of blogs about blogging I bet I'm not alone.

When a blog is neglected by its creator.

Blog Monkey: 
Someone who has stumbled blindly onto blogging, became quickly obsessed, learned the ropes, and now spends quite a bit of time blogging.

A comment posted under the first comment in a blog in an attempt for readers to see that comment before reading other comments.


Bloggers who flock to a news story or event the way paparazzi flock to celebrities.

I'm definitely a flocker!

Blog Hooligan:
Bloggers who provide news and opinions that are not controlled by standard media. 

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