Friday, June 26, 2015


While watching a youtube fest of historical documentaries, cute puppies, Jon Stewart, and QI with Stephen Fry, a Mormon something or other will pop up. Because I am insane, once in awhile I will click play. 

The comments on one clip were great:

Initial comment stating the Bible is true and The Book of Mormon is not.

How do you accept one and not the other? Both are works of fiction.

The HOLY BIBLE is supported by archaeology, Like: New Testament discoveries include Herod's temple (Jerusalem, Luke 1:9), the Pool of Siloam (Jerusalem, John 9:7), Pilate’s inscription (Caesarea, Luke 3:1), Erastus’ inscription (Corinth, Romans 16:23), the tomb of Augustus (Rome, Luke 2:1), Mamertime Prison (Rome, 2 Timothy 1:16-17), and the Arch of Titus (Rome, Luke 19:43-44). 

Archaeology and The Book of Mormon. They can't even find the City of Zarahemla is.

So the Bible is true because some places that are mentioned in there actually exist? I guess Spiderman is real because New York exists.

I would bet on Spiderman.

Stephen Fry described touring Temple Square in Salt Lake City and having a representative explaining some aspects of the Mormon church.

"She said how in the afterlife all families will be reunited and you will be with your families forever, so I put my hand up and said, 'But what happens if you've been good?'"

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