Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mine Handy

Nothing make me happier than when my kids rise above their genetics. I took one semester of Spanish in Jr. High and I am a complete bi-lingual failure. 

My oldest kid decided to speak German and in celebration of her passing college score and in the event there is an emergency need to communicate in German and incase my first name Heidi won't assist me in German communication, 

here are a few vocabulary words I can now toss out. 

In German, an expanded concept or description can simply be added to an existing word. 

For example, 

"the captain of the Danube steam ship company"

"the widow of the captain of the Danube steam ship company"

"the underpants of the captain of the Danube steam ship company"

We need this kind of Legoesqueadditionalconceptvocabularyexpression because it is fantastic! 

Even better is the single word description of a complex idea. 

Someone who's driving on the wrong side of the road. 
"ghost driver"

Everything that any adult capable of living independently can reasonably be expected to know. "readiness for living in risk society"

A misguided attempt. 
"an assassination attempt on the aunts of a Hottentot monarch, rather than on the monarch himself"

A turtle.  
"shield toad"

Weight gained from emotional overeating. 
“grief bacon”

Experiencing complete and unadulterated rage.
"fox devil wild"

Someone for whom life is an art form.
"life artist" 

A drop-leaf table.
"strip tease table" 

The Verein Deutsche Sprache is a society that does not approve of the appearance of English words in modern German. 

I, however, would be thrilled to see Americans use: 

There is a bit of corrupted Eastern Germanic language embraced by the English speaking counter-culture of my generation.  

The Germanic Visigoth tribes overthrew the Roman Empire. The term Goth became correlated with uncivilized savages and vandals. The teenage appeal is fairly evident. 

Goth was a sub-genre of Post Punk and Alternative Rock. It was described by adults as "a backlash to the colorful disco music of the seventies". It was fantastic music and expanded to boys with long hair and eyeliner which was, 

in the right circumstances . . .  

the RIGHT circumstances . . . 

pretty damn sexy. 

The other adulterated use is the Metal Umlaut. Blue Öyster Cult and Mötley Crüe added umlauts as "a form of foreign branding . . . denoting stereotypes of boldness and strength commonly attributed to ancient northern European peoples, such as the Vikings and Goths." 

Granted there is long hair and eyeliner but NOT sexy nor reminiscent of ability to overtake any ruling body, much less the Roman Empire.

However, they did come up with Gummibears! 

And one final, completely awesome word: 

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