Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dispenses Happiness

Not being one of the individuals with a "good cook" classification but having the distinction of being an "extraordinary consumer of cooked items", I completely endorse this sentiment.

You would think Julia would be correct, but since at times I have met the first to requirements (I have directions and I can read)  I can personally attest that the outcome is not necessarily true. 

And if that isn't enough gender-status failure, what sick, twisted, Stepford Wife is doing this!?!

Either stop or come over to my house and make adorable baked goods. 

My sister also suffers from the same domestic gender-status failure. At her prior place of employment, a co-worker packed lunches involving those intricate lunch-packing accoutrements. . . the ones with mini containers, temperature controlled sections and heat / drain / whisk  capabilities. 

My sister offered financial compensation should the co-worker ever want to pack an additional lunch to share. 

Further solidifying my complete disinterest in cooking is the office-car. Having already discussed my bed-desk . . . it is part of working from home. Regardless of where I start paperwork, I end up sitting on my bed with my lap top, a scattering of papers and uncapped pens . . . 

Anyway the new parameters of my job requires a ridiculous amount of driving. I can't get away from the belief that driving is a waste of time so incorporating meals during the 2 to 3 hour travel is just how it is. 

I did, at one time, purchase several "basic", "easy", and "for idiots" cooks books, none of which improved my skill, interest in the culinary arts or frankly lived up to expectations for the professed target audience. 

I was 32 when I started cooking;
up until then, I just ate.
- Julia Child 
So while I have great admiration for Julia, building an amazing career in a not so gender friendly time or gender friendly location . . . 

The only time to eat diet food
is while you're waiting for the steak to cook
- Julia Child 
and maintained her position for years in a not so age-friendly media field . . .

I'm resigned to this level of food preparation. 

and this level of food consumption. 

#cook #Happiness 

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