Friday, May 1, 2015

The Olympic Gym

I am loath to admit this, but there was a period of time, albeit a relatively brief period, where I went to the gym five days a week and not just one time per day. 

I went before my college classes and returned after class to continue my leotard-wearing, aerobic-type activity. 

To appear less insane, let me give a bit of an explanation. It was the 80's. Enough said? 

Well, the event of VCR tapes had combined with Jane Fonda's venture into exercising instruction. American dietary practices had determined that fat content in processed foods should be replaced by an enormous amount of refined sugar. I had recently acquired a checking account and was enticed into the oh-so-reasonable lifetime gym membership paid over a period of some months. 

I have now returned to my natural state of being which is evidently old, fat and sedimentary. 

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