Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tree Change Dolls

Have you seen the Tree Change Dolls?
"Tree Change is a term in Australia that means moving from the city to the country for a more relaxed and down to earth lifestyle."

I am so very happy, things like this happen and that I get to find out about them!
Sonia, a mom living in Tasmania, lost her job. She starting buying thrift store dolls (primarily Bratz) and altering them. Her mom knitted little clothes and her husband encouraged her to post her work on Facebook.

I am LOVING this on so many levels!!

Bratz Big Babyz Doll 
Sold on Amazon for $64.69 + $10.78 shipping.

Bratz review posted on Amazon: 
No underwear or diaper, but a sheer thong. I could not believe it. I really dont think this is a good message!
The transformation of their little faces is absolutely stunning. I think anyone . . . well, anyone with a certain level of cognitive functioning and morals exceeding Machiavelli, would agree that sexualizing young girls is NOT going to end well.

Comment posted on a mommy blog review of Bratz: 
What is the Bratz doll career? Not to get the clap?

For some reason, these miniature make-unders are even more compelling than examples of tiny kids emulating streetwalkers.
Aside from continuing a dialog on a not insignificant aspect of gender functioning, Tree Change Dolls has everything that makes me do a little online happy dance.   

Bratz review posted on kids section of Amazon: 
My mom said she looked like a sl*t. ( Censored ) I kind of agreed with her. Then, there was the cat, it was cute.. but why have it? It didn't do anything. Not even meow. This toy was really annoying me.

I love that the dolls are an up-cycle of a product headed for landfill. If that's not enough, a cute little family is participating in the project and a talented mom is becoming an internet success. What more can you ask for!?!

In March, 20 dolls listed on Etsy also sold out in seconds at a price range of $122 to $230 AU each. ($94 to $175 US)

Comment posted on a mommy blog review of Bratz:
It's an intelligent parent's nightmare - and a pervert's dream.

"Every month we list a Tree Change Doll on Ebay with most if not all of the proceeds going to charity. For April 2015 we will give 75% of the final sale price to the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. This charity was chosen by a class of local school children after I gave am demonstration to their classroom." Tree Change Dolls
The Ebay charity doll sold for $1229 US. 
There is one more happy piece, for me anyway. "Dolly" is a term on endearment my grandmother used. 

A perfect story!

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