Monday, April 13, 2015

Sad Etsy Boyfriends?

There was a "Sad Etsy Boyfriend" following awhile ago. 

It didn't appear to have much staying power, possibly because Etsy evolved into some stiff competition and professional looking photographs became a prerequisite to selling anything. 

However, there were some sad looking males under what appeared to be duress. The crafting girlfriend can be a dangerous thing. 

As some of my boyfriends can attest. 

In my inability to look away from potentially entertaining online links, I am now rethinking the boyfriend under duress theory . . . 

Well, take a look and tell me what you think. Too many possible dynamics for me to triangulate on my own.

Crochet Green Capri Pants $78.00

Lord von Schmitt:
"Your grandmother's afghans transformed!!!"

Crochet Pants Custom Order Men's $99.00

In the words of one satisfied customer "it might be the best thing we own."
Neon Psychedelic Crochet Pants 
"Apache Tears" Flared Legs Fringe $189.00

It is hard to say if you wish for afghan up-cycle success . . .
Orange Booty Shorts Plus $68.00

a boon for unique hipster apparel . . . 

Crochet Pants Custom Order Men's $99.00

OR a stand for afghan respect and decency.  

Custom Order $210.00

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