Friday, April 24, 2015

Really Dull

Oh . . . Poor John 
maybe he really is just dull.

This is where he is headed  . . . 

And since the pro station is the Prophylactic Station . . . not only will Poor John have the clap, there may be an influx of Poor John Jr's in the population. 

Perhaps the Public Health Announcement should have been a little more instructive.  

Free vintage posters to download? Like for free?

Poor John Poster: 
Works Progress Administration poster sponsored by the Town of Hempstead (W.H. Runcie, M.D., health officer) recommending eye examinations for children having difficulty learning.

Silkscreen poster on board for the WPA Federal Art Project, New York City, 1936 or 1937 Town of Hempstead WPA poster

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