Friday, April 10, 2015

Minor Resolution

I bought the Seattle-dwelling kid some things from Mod Cloth. Cute kid. Cute shoes. Life is good. . . except she takes another look at the shipping address online and there is an error. 

Multiple calls made by the kid to shipping department and then I get a message: 

Shipping has been fixed, package re-routed AND she totally understands why my job is so aggravating.

Ah yes, using my graduate degree to make endless calls for minor resolutions.

If you aren't a fan of the apparel forage, I've learned a bit about shopping adaptation. My best advice is buy multiples. 

For some reason, the shoes I find are always the last few of the season. However, luck is with me this round and three more Roxy Piccolos are traveling my way. 

I've already been asked by a one of my senior friends if I was wearing my bedroom slippers. Whatever I can do to make life more interesting (as long as it involves comfortable shoes.) 

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