Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Stories

When my kids were little, I rarely put them in dresses. Pants or even better overalls were practical. However, for Easter I would buy dresses which lived in the back of the closet for the rest of the year. 

dresses . . .  photos . . . egg hunt . . . store most of the Easter candy out of reach (where the rate of consumption would fluctuate depending on my level of stress and unhappiness. The Choc-o-Meter of well being.) . . . And done for the year! 

In one of our rental houses, there was a side by side fridge, which is NOT a design created by any mother of young children. I bought a fridge lock which my girls managed to break in a few days. Perfect. 

The day after the egg hunt that year, I found a dozen raw eggs cracked on my bed. Determining egg content is evidently not a skill acquired until an older age. 

The next year they were enrolled in a part time preschool at one of the local churches. Around Easter they helped the kids make Easter bonnets for a parade. 

Cute idea but not remarkable except they gave the little boys the option of making a bonnet. I loved that a church preschool didn't exclude half to the kids. 

A few years later, my mom sent three very feminine and very sweet dresses.

Keeping in tradition, the girls didn't chose to wear dresses often. Actually they typically didn't wear shoes and I was pretty happy if shorts and a T shirt were on. So it was unusual to see my middle kid in her dress, heading outside. I followed and sat on the front steps to see what she had in mind. 

She wheeled her bike out, crouched down beside it and attempted to remove the training wheels. Evidently there had been a change in the preferred work attire for mechanics. 

Come to think of it, I haven't seen any mechanics in ball gowns so I guess it was just my kid. 

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