Sunday, April 5, 2015


At times, you run into a little vortex of happiness. 

Being raised in the house of roadshows and theater appreciation, we enjoy a good song and dance.

My grandma wrote a musical Christmas roadshow. She made costumes with enormous paper mache heads. 

When we were young, my siblings and I were recruited to do a production of The Christmas Elf. Most of the characters are dolls or other toys but there is a scene with an angel. Unfortunately no one thought about it before the play but none of us fit the angel costume . . . 

except my younger brother. My mom bribed him with cash. I have memory of a long white sleeveless dress, wings and an oversized angel head, complete with sneakers and rather masculine arms. 

Recently the sisters in my family been enamored with Hugh Jackman because he sings, he dances AND he's Hugh Jackman.

A brief Hugh Jackson interview, if I may.

When sibling interest dwindled, my sister moved on to Candyman. 

Love that song. Especially how dirty the lyrics are, you almost don't notice. 

The featured dancer in the video is the very sweet Benji Schwimmer who won Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. I'm a fan not only because he is endearing and fun to watch but because he ended up having to make enormous changes in his life. He did it in a very kind and forgiving way (which was not way I ended up making similar changes in my life.)

Completing the vortex is the best rendition of Candyman ever. 

Now aren't you a little happier too?  

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