Thursday, March 5, 2015

House of Cards

During grad school, there was a student during the pre exam insanity who would say, “Don’t talk to me! It is all a house of cards. Any more words and it will collapse!”

Want to know the height of foolishness? Starting to watch Season 3 of House of Cards at 10 pm during the work week. Sure, I can quit after one episode.

From a July 2014 People interview with Majority Whip Representative Kevin McCarthy

I told him I say to members, ‘You vote your district, you vote your conscience, you just don’t surprise me.’ And he stole that line for the show.

When asked if he leaned anything from Spacey’s character:
I only learned things not to do.

Um, right . . . 

From a Feb 2014 Daily Show interview with Kevin Spacey
When asked about watching politicians live and in their natural environment:

It feels like you're watching performance art a lot of the time. . . and most of them are bad actors.

When asked about Majority Whip Representative Kevin McCarthy:

He actually said, 'If I could kill just one member of Congress, I'd never have to worry about another vote,’ and seven congressmen called him to say am I the one you would kill?

My continued subscription to Netflix is justified for another year! 

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