Monday, March 30, 2015


My just-turned-19-year-old middle kid loves horror movies. 

When she was down to see me a few months ago we watched the Paranormal Activity series.

Have to say, watching in series makes much more sense than watching mid-stream in a half attentive manner. 

Hmm . . . start from the beginning and pay attention . . . that just might work in other aspects of my life. 

We went to see It Follows. Sierra's commentary? She was very disappointed in the waste of the 360 degree panning shots, the score and a few fairly odd steps in the plot. 

We did agree that the premise, "sexually transmitted haunting", was a clever evolution from the panty-clad teen killed post sexual activity.

I liked it. How can you not enjoy a horror movie with actual character development and some very creepy moments rather than slasher-porn? 

What I really loved with the removal of date relevant details.  It was a fantastic homage to the 70's and 80's horror films. Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and Poltergeist were my introduction to the genre. 

After the movie, we talked about Sierra's plan to live in Japan. I asked if parents would be housed in her attic. 

That would be affirmative but the Japanese tradition is to house the husband's parents and the wife's parents were out of luck.

Appealing to her love of horror, I suggested I could be The Grudge parent. Once in awhile I would meander around the house is a slow shuffle, look menacing and take a slice of cake back to my liar. 

At least I am now under consideration.

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